How do I buy? Selection of desired products
Want to buy a product, press the ADD IN COS button. You will be directed to the COS Shopping View page, where you can view existing products in the basket, change the quantities you want to buy, or drop out one, several or all of the bag products. To return to the site again to add other products to your bag, click the CONTINUE button.

Shop Arona Carelli offers custom-made products within the range of stock materials. For this you need to fill in the details fields: SIZE. Please carefully read the product information carefully, carefully selecting the right size. Dimensions in cm. are approximate, the sizes may vary slightly from one model to another. The sizes correspond to the European size system. COLOR. Please choose your desired color, attention to descriptive information. All colors are available within the existing stock limit. Small imperfections or slight variations in color are the qualities of a hand-made product. Colors may vary depending on your monitor resolution, this information may vary from the original. The product page has all the necessary information, the possibility of viewing the details of the 'zoom' function on the product. If you want additional information, please contact us at or through the messenger on the site.

Shipping information After choosing the products you want to buy, press the ORDER FINISHING button. If you are a new customer, you must first create a user account by filling out the registration form on the page. It takes up to 2 minutes, then you can complete the order. If the payment information is different from the parcel delivery information, select the option COMPLETE A NEW ADDRESS FOR PAYMENT and enter the information you want.

Completing the order Select the payment method you prefer and if you want to write additional information please use the COMMAND COMMAND field. After you have ensured that you agree to the Site Terms and Conditions, click the FINISH THE ORDER button to proceed to the next step. Depending on the characteristics of your order, you will be asked for a delivery method, each with a different shipping cost that you will view before completing the order.