ARONA CARELLI - by Loredana Brad

The philosophy of the brand, a harmony between the avant-garde and the traditional, a sophisticated, intelligent, charming style for the woman with a sense of reinvention. The quality of the chosen materials, the perfect technique of the unique patterns and the aesthetic sense are the basic principle of the brand.

The Arona Carelli Fingerprint Collection for autumn-winter gives soft-knit fabrics on the skin, combinations of natural angora, or mohair and cotton. These jerseys have the quality to keep body temperature in three seasons. Spring, autumn, winter. You will find elegant chic designs, from basic to the most complex, requiring manual workmanship. The products are not made in large quantities by large manufacturers, but in small quantities or on order.

The materials are chosen with great attention depending on certain properties that make the model worthwhile, and the design of the printing is done for each type of material. The staff chosen to work them is highly skilled and experienced.