Returning products

Return policy

Any complaints about the status of the products delivered to our customers will be brought to our attention within 24 hours of their receipt, by telephone or by e-mail at, and our company will resolve it. If products can not be delivered or integrity is affected during delivery, the customer may request the return of the amounts already collected SC.MARKTEL SRL, but not additional damages. The maximum amount of our company's obligations to any customer in the event of a non-delivery or inappropriate delivery of a parcel / product is the amount of the amount received from the customer for that order.

The package can be returned within 30 days and you will receive the money back, provided the package is in the same condition as you received it. The payment of the return of the package is to the customer, and SC MARKTEL SRL will return the value of the returned products to the customer after they find that they are in the state in which they were shipped.

If you opted for a refund and the product you returned fulfills the return conditions, we will return your money to the account you specified on the return form or on the card if you paid for the card. The money will be visible in your account on your card within 14 calendar days.

The law also provides that unilaterally contracts for the supply of products which, by their nature, can not be returned or which can be degraded or damaged rapidly (Article 10 (c)) can not be denied unilaterally. Thus, the returned product must be in the same condition as it was delivered in the original package (including the protective foil if it existed), with all related accessories / consumables, without traces of wear, modification or consumption, both in the case of the product as well as the accompanying accessories / consumables, the intact labels and the original documents accompanying it (fiscal invoice, instructions, etc.).

On receipt, the parcel will be checked to see if it meets the above conditions, otherwise it will be denied. Thus, parcels containing products in a state other than the one in which they were delivered, those which were not returned using the same transport service as the dispatch, those whose return was not previously notified, such as and those that contain damaged products during transport due to inappropriate packaging. By way of exception to the above conditions, only if the delivered products do not conform to the specifications mentioned in the buyer's order or have manufacturing defects within the first 24 hours of the reception, the return can be made at the expense of SC.MARKTEL SRL, the customer opting for product replacement or immediate refund of their value. The rules on returning products in their original state apply, except where manufacturing defects were found to have occurred after unsealing the products.

Inappropriate size
In most cases, products that do not match your size can be replaced with an identical product, the same pattern, and the same details, but on the size you require, an extra or minus size. In this situation, the refund of the value of the products does not apply. The size change return is only accepted once. Do not replace products from a model with products from another model. However, in certain situations, we reserve the right to refuse the replacement of products that do not fit in size, according to OUG 130/2000 art. 10 lit. c). If you want to change the product with another color / size / model, please contact us by email at where you will clearly specify the order number, your name and the product you want at change. Any product shipment can only be made within the available stock limit. If the model you want is no longer in stock, you can choose another with the payment of any price differences or the return of the product's value.